13 Tuesdays Novena to St. Anthony 2023

The 13 Tuesdays is a very old tradition, thought to have begun shortly after Saint Anthony’s death in 1231. Tuesday was chosen as the day for this devotion because Saint Anthony entered into eternal life on a Tuesday.
This year the 13-Tuesdays Novena begins on March 14 and will offer you the opportunity to rediscover the life of Saint Anthony.

The reflections of fr. Mario Conte will open your eyes to the great themes of faith and will take us on a discovery of St. Anthony's life, his ongoing search for love, truth, justice ... his search for God.

Every Tuesday at 6 pm CET it will be possible to follow the live streaming of the Holy Mass and the 13 Tuesdays Novena prayer from the Basilica of St. Anthony on our Facebook page.


First video-meditation: "Saint Anthony's life. BIRTH"

13 Tuesdays Novena, March 14 2023 by fr. Mario Conte

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Second video-meditation: "Saint Anthony's life. VOCATION"

13 Tuesdays Novena, March 21 2023 by fr. Mario Conte

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Third video-meditation: "St.Anthony's Persecution."

13 Tuesdays Novena, March 28 2023 by fr. Mario Conte

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