13th video- meditation: "The Saint that everyone loves."

13 Tuesdays Novena, June 6 2023 by fr. Mario Conte

"The Saint that everyone loves." 13th video- meditation with Fr. Mario Conte

Today, St. Anthony is truly a universal Saint, respected and venerated by millions of people. We can invoke him in times of need, pain or when we lose something important: health, hope, work and especially faith.

He is in the Communion of Saints, and therefore very close to God. We can therefore turn to him with confidence and familiarity, because he is always attentive to our needs. Therefore Let's pray: “O dear Saint Anthony, your heart has always been full of love for your neighbor, please whisper our petition into the ear of the sweet Baby Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms, and the gratitude of our hearts will always be yours. Amen.”