I Sermones (sermoni) sono la grande opera letteraria e teologica di sant’Antonio.
They could be defined as a treaty of sacred doctrine in the form of a sermon collection with which the Saint sought to expose the whole of Scripture from the Sunday and Festival liturgical readings of his times.

St Anthony wrote the Sermons with the specific purpose of providing his fellow friars with an instrument for the formation of the Christian life. They are usually based on subjects relating to faith and good morals. The Saint offers preachers the tools with which to teach the faithful the doctrine of the Gospel and a means to render the Sacraments effective, especially those of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.

The Sermons were written in Medieval Latin, though in a polished, elegant style. Anthony’s Sermons are highly learned, and abound with quotations from Scripture (over 6,000) and contain plenty of references to the doctrines of the Fathers and of theologians, philosophers and pagan poets; moreover, experts in the natural sciences are often quoted, in particular Aristotle and Solinus.


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