The Sermons (Sermones) are the Saint’s great work of literature and theology, which earned him the title of Doctor of the Church.
We can consider it as a treaty of sacred doctrine under the form of a collection of sermons, by which the Saint aims to explain all of Scripture.

Anthony wrote the Sermons with the specific purpose of providing his brethren with a preaching tool. The topics considered are generally topics of faith and morals. The Saint offers to preachers the tools for preaching: how to teach the faithful the doctrine of the Gospel, how to value the sacraments, especially those regarding penance and the Eucharist.

The Sermons were written in Medieval Latin, that is, Low Latin, however Anthony’s language has a certain elegance. These learned sermons abound with quotations from the Scriptures (more than six thousand), and often avail themselves with quotations from the Fathers, theologians, philosophers and pagan poets; they often cite the names of experts in the natural sciences, especially Aristotle and Solino.