Seventh video- meditation: "Prayers."

13 Tuesdays Novena, April 25 2023 by fr. Mario Conte

Anthony arrived in Assisi, where he found an incredible number of friars from all over Europe. They were all there around Francis for an important meeting: the Chapter of Mats.

At the end of the chapter Anthony waited for someone to give him a sign as to where the Lord wanted him to go.

Eventually,  he was sent to the small hermitage of Montepaolo, near Forlì. Here, the learned Anthony led a very simple life spending many hours in prayer.

Prayer it’s the main way in which we develop a relationship with our Father in Heaven. It’s a real, genuine conversation with God. Of course it is a vertical conversation, not a horizontal one, but still a conversation. Which means that sometimes we talk to Him and sometimes He talks to us.


Let's pray: "Lord, please teach me to pray according to your perfect will and to be patient as I await your Word, which will undoubtedly come. Thank you in Jesus’ name. Amen"