Prayers of Saint Anthony

What is ‘Prayer’ for Saint Anthony? He explains it clearly in his ‘Sermons’: "Prayer means to direct our affection toward God through a devout and friendly conversation with Him. It is the tranquility of a mind enlightened from on high. Prayer is also required to obtain those earthly goods necessary for this mortal life. But those who pray must ask the Lord, with an authentic Christian spirit, to subdue their will to His will: our Heavenly Father knows what we truly need on this earth. Finally, prayer is an act of thanksgiving, a recognition of benefits received, and a donation of our commitment to God so that our prayer might be everlasting.”

Ecce crucem Domini

Popular tradition tells us that Anthony gave a prayer to a poor woman who sought help against the temptations of the devil.

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Prayers to Mary

Anthony, like Saint Francis, was a passionate devotee of Mary. In his sermons he expressed beautiful words of praise towards the Mother of the Lord.

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