Sixth video- meditation: "God speaks to us."

13 Tuesdays Novena, April 18 2023 by fr. Mario Conte

Anthony had set sail for Portugal, but their ship was swept off course by a violent storm. Eventually, however, the ship managed to reach the coast of Sicily, Italy.

He realized later that the Lord had planned something important for him. But what? All he had to do was wait, because God always makes himself understood if we are willing to listen to Him.

How does the Lord speak to us?

First of all through the Word of God, the Bible, our guide book for life. But he also speaks to us through people: a priest, a friend, even someone we meet by chance.... And finally, God also speaks to us through the events of our lives.

Let’s pray: Lord, help us to understand your will. Guide us to follow your plans for us, the patience to wait for them and the faith to believe in them. Amen