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The “great walkers” in the Nativity Scene, the humble characters who teach us about the greatness of Christmas

In reading the accounts of Jesus’ birth in the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Luke, we can notice that all the protagonists of the Christmas story are “great walkers.”

First of all there are Mary and Joseph, who travel 90 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem, but their donkey is also with them; then there are the shepherds who set out with their flocks to welcome the Little Child, and also the horses and camels of the Three Wise Men, who come from the East following a star to meet the Son of God.

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800 hundred years ago in Forlì St. Anthony’s adventure as preacher of the Gospel began in earnest!

Exactly eight centuries ago Anthony, a young friar who had arrived on the coasts of Sicily after an adventurous shipwreck, was living in a friary in Montepaolo, on the hills south of Forlì, where he had gone with other friars after meeting St. Francis of Assisi in May 1221.

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October 7th through October 9th 2022 -Saint Anthony traveling Relic visit Kansas City.

The tour begins on Friday, October 7th and ends on Sunday, October 10th.

Father Mario Conte, OFM Conv., will bring the first-class relic of our beloved Saint Anthony of Padua that will remain exposed during the Eucaristic Celebrations scheduled during the aformentioned dates. At the conclusion of each Mass, we will invite all attendees to approach the relic for an extraordinary blessing.

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In St. Anthony’s footsteps from Sicily to Padua from June 30 to October 9, 2022

Over 1,800 kilometers separate friar Anthony of Lisbon’s shipwreck site from Padua, the city of his choice. This summer, 800 years after the Forlì sermon that revealed him as the great announcer of the Gospel, a relic of our Saint, which forms a part of the Antonio 20-22 Project, retraces St. Anthony’s footsteps through all of Italy in 92 stages of the journey from Capo Milazzo to his Basilica in Padua. Anyone can join along the Walk and share a few kilometers or more of the enterprise to mark this 800 years anniversary.


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