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From the friars of the Basilica of Saint Anthony a message of faith for the New Year with the hope that we will be able to win together the battle against the coronavirus .

A New Year lies ahead of us. What can we wish for in this 2021 which has just begun? That we can sense the presence of God at our side in every moment: in moments of joy and suffering, in health and ill-health.

It is precisely this certainty that is our peace!

Let us commit ourselves to overcoming the selfishness within us; the desire to think only of ourselves. Let us overcome the barriers of suspicion and fear; let us always fight for a better world.

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Christmas celebrations in the Basilica in the year of the pandemic. The Christmas Eve Mass is to be celebrated at 6pm (CET) with our church bells ringing at midnight.

This will truly be a very peculiar Christmas we are celebrating this year in the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua. The sanitary measures designed to tackle the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic has imposed a small ‘revolution’ even on the sacramental tradition of Christmas celebrations, starting from the most awaited one, the Christmas Eve Mass.

The traditional Christmas Eve Solemn Mass will be brought forward to 6.00 PM (CET) and streamed live from the Basilica’s website.

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Merry Christmas 2020 to all of Saint Anthony's devotees

St Anthony was really an extraordinary preacher, and he desperately wanted everybody to understand the importance of the mystery of the Incarnation. The mystery of God choosing the poverty of a manger over Omnipotence in order to be close to us, his children.

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Anthony of Lisbon. Anthony of Coimbra. Anthony of Padua… Anthony of the whole world!

This year, 2020, we friars celebrate the gift of vocation and mission. We wish to celebrate the young Anthony, who was seduced by the example of the Franciscan martyrs of Morocco.

This 2020 Jubilee celebrated in Coimbra is intended to be an open door for everyone to rediscover“the joy of the Gospel which fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus.”

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Fr. Mario Conte's wishes for a blessed Easter

Fr. Mario Conte, editor of the «Messenger of Saint Anthony» magazine, sends his and his fellow friars' warmest wishes for a blessed Easter to all of St. Anthony's devotees around the world from a very special location: the Tomb of St. Anthony.

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Celebrate Easter with the friars of the Basilica of Saint Anthony!

Along our Lenten path we have collected many tears. With Pope Francis we have felt part of a tired and frightened humanity, battered by a stormy sea.

Jesus, in His passion and death, has been a sign of the many tragedies of this period. Jesus, with His resurrection, is the sign of our desire for rebirth.

In the certainty that the Living One is accompanying us along our weak and fragile lives.

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