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2023 WYD: Padua and Lisbon united by a distinguished relic of St. Anthony

The 2023 Lisbon WYD, scheduled for August 1-6, is now just around the corner. On July 27, a first group of young people and friars left the Basilica of Saint Anthony by bus bound for the birthplace of St. Anthony. There they will participate, along with hundreds of thousands of their peers, in the great event of the summer of 2023, in the presence of Pope Francis.

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Resurrection means to live in peace as brothers: these are the 2023 Easter wishes of the friars of the Basilica

After having shared with Jesus the days of His passion and death, let us welcome in our hearts and in our lives the great proclamation of the Resurrection…

In a world that seems to have lost so many certainties, the Resurrection means to live in peace as brothers. In a world that tries to take refuge in small earthly hopes, which is content with fleeting moments of happiness that leave dissatisfaction and sadness inside our hearts, it implies the certainty of a Presence that can transform our lives and make us the protagonists of a love story.

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St. Anthony’s Charities donated over 3 million 800 thousand euros in 2022 for 106 projects in over 40 countries

106 projects on 4 continents for a total of 3 million and 812,550 euros distributed in over 40 countries. These are the macro data of the 2022 Report of St. Anthony’s Charities, the operational arm of the solidarity of the friars of the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua.

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2023 Holy Week and Easter in the Basilica

The Pontifical Basilica of Saint Anthony is about to start its Holy Week and Easter celebrations.

Please find below the times of the main religious events celebrated in the Basilica. These may also be accessed live through our web site and social media (links and technical details in the footnotes).*




11:00am:        Blessing of Palms and Holy Mass (*)



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Lent in the Basilica of St Anthony

Lent begins on Wednesday 22 February. This is a time of conversion and penitence in preparation for Easter.

Pope Francis has addressed the following message to all Christians on the occasion of the 2023 Lenten season:

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Feast of the Translation of the Saint’s relics: on Sunday 19 February we celebrate the discovery of Saint Anthony’s Incorrupt Tongue which took place 760 years ago

The Feast of the Translation of the Relic of the Saint, commonly called “The Feast of the Tongue”, which will be held on Sunday 19 February in our Basilica recalls an event which occurred 760 years ago in St. Anthony’s most holy site: the chapel which guarded our beloved Anthony’s mortal remains.

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