Prayers to Mary

Anthony, like Saint Francis, was a passionate devotee of Mary. In his sermons he expressed beautiful words of praise towards the Mother of the Lord.

To the Blessed Virgin Mary

We praise you, Our Lady,
Our hope:
You, star of the sea, enlighten your children
overwhelmed by this stormy sea of sin;
let us reach the safe haven of forgiveness,
and, grateful for your protection,
may we conclude our lives

with the help of the One you carried in your womb
and fed by your holy breast.
May honor and glory
be with Him for ever and ever.


Our Lady,
Our only hope,
please enlighten our minds
with the beauty of your grace,

cleanse us
with the whiteness of your purity,
warm us
with the warmth of your visit
and reconcile us with your Son,
so that we may deserve to reach

through his help
the splendor of His glory.
With the Annunciation of the Angel,
he assumed his glorious flesh through you,
and wanted to dwell for nine months within your womb.
To him be honor and glory
for ever and ever.