Si quaeris

This prayer of praise, or responsorial, in honour of Saint Anthony was composed by friar Julian of Speyer. The responsorial is part of the Officium rhythmicum S. Antonii, which dates back to 1233, two years after Saint Anthony's death. It is sung at Saint Anthony's Basilica and many other churches every Tuesday.

If then you ask for miracles,
death, error, all calamities,
leprosy and demons fly,
and health succeeds infirmities.

The sea obeys and fetters break,
and lifeless limbs you do restore;
while treasures lost are found again,
men young and old your aid implore.

All dangers vanish at your prayer,
and direst need does quickly flee;
Let those who know your power proclaim,
Let Paduans say: these are yours.

To Father, Son may glory be
And Holy Spirit, eternally.