Pilgrim’s Prayer on the Tomb of Saint Anthony

Oh dear Saint Anthony, I am close to your blessed tomb.

I came to pray driven by my need and my confidence in your compassionate goodness which consoles everyone. Please  become my intercessor before God; speak in my name to the merciful Father, and obtain for me the grace I particularly need.

I know that my faith is weak; but you, who had this admirable virtue and inflamed it by preaching to the crowds, enliven it inside my heart and make me stronger and pure. You who led an evangelical life, help me to render mine a more Christian one, so that I may become a worthy son of our Heavenly Father.

O Saint Anthony, come to the rescue of my weakness, taking away the diseases and dangers of soul and body; help me to always put my trust in God, especially in times of trial and suffering. Bless my work, my family, your devotees around the world or spiritually present here: obtain for all benevolence of heart towards the poor and the suffering.

Oh my protector, respond to the confidence I always put in your intercession to the Lord.