Published on 30 December 2016

A blessed 2017, another year in Saint Anthony’s footsteps

Every day we are called upon to face new challenges: the challenge of forgiveness, of solidarity, of sharing, of welcoming our needy neighbors. It is for this reason that we, friars of the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua, are praying for you that you may walk in Saint Anthony’s presence in this New Year as well.

You may have had the chance of experiencing, in some situations, the value and meaning of his presence at your side.

To walk with Saint Anthony every day in this New Year is, we believe, the greatest gift for yourself and your family that you can receive, because it is a great blessing to have a saint as a special friend. Our homes will always have a wound to heal, a conflict to settle, and a broken heart that need mending. With him at your side, through his help, you will always find the courage to start over.

We wish you a New Year rich in many daily deeds of goodness and love which will bring happiness to your home because it will be blessed by the Lord.


The Messenger of Saint Anthony and the friars of the Basilica!