Third video-meditation: "The Sermon to the Fish. The Word that saves those who listen to it."

13 - Tuesdays Novena, March 29 2022 by fr. Alessandro Ratti

Let us listen

«Not wanting the inhabitants of Rimini to let the Saint speak, Anthony went to preach to the fish by the sea . . . Seeing so much reverence in the fish towards God their creator, he exclaimed: “Blessed be eternal God, because fish honor him more than men heretics; and unreason- able animals listen to his word better than men without faith”.»

(Little Flowers of Francis of Assisi)


Let us meditate

The word of God is not for those who believe themselves to be intelligent or wise, much less for those who refuse to listen to any message that contradicts the certainties from which no evidence can disconnect them. These are the people Anthony calls heretics: those who make their truths the yardstick with which to judge the Church, the preachers and the Gospel itself. The fish in the legendary episode, on the other hand, are a symbol for all those who - despite evident limitations and incapacities (fish have no ears and cannot speak!) - are however eager to meet and know God as He is, not according to their own whims and ideas. This availability surprises and gives joy even to a Saint like Anthony.

Let us pray

Patient and merciful God, who renews your covenant with all generations, arrange our hearts to listen to your Word, so that in this time of grace it may be a light and a guide towards true conversion.

Through Christ our Lord . (Roman Missal)

Let us reflect

  • Do I know how to listen to those who speak to me about God, even if those who do so challenge my visions and preconceptions?
  • Do I have the desire to pause to read and meditate on Sacred Scripture, the Word of God offered to my listening?
  • Do I have patience in following the preachers, even when they are not as learned and interesting as Saint Anthony was?

Prayer to St. Anthony

O Blessed Tongue, you always praised the Lord and made others praise him, now it is clear how much merit you have before God!