Saint Anthony's Miracles. Sermon to the Fishes

The miracle

The story goes that one day Anthony went to Rimini where there were a lot of heretics. He started to preach, but they did not want to listen to him, and they even mocked him. In a dramatic gesture, Anthony went to the seashore, saying, “Because you show yourself unworthy of God’s word, behold, I turn to the fishes so that your unbelief may be shown up more clearly”. As he spoke of God’s care for those creatures that live in the waters, a shoal of fish swam near to the bank, partly thrusting themselves out of the water and appearing to listen carefully. At the end of his sermon, the Saint blessed them and they swam away. In the meantime, so deep was the impression made upon the onlookers that many hurried back to the city imploring their friends to come and see the miracle, while others burst into tears asking forgiveness. Soon after a great multitude gathered around the Saint, who exhorted them to turn back to God. So through this sermon, the city of Rimini was purged of heresy.


With this miracle Anthony is, in a certain sense, addressing all of us. He is asking us, “Are you real Christians?” One of the most important things to understand about Christianity is that it is not primarily a philosophy, or a system of ethics, or a religious ideology, and not even a cult. IT IS A RELATIONSHIP. A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. To be a Christian is to know Christ as our friend. Jesus stands at the door of our hearts and he is knocking. He is awaiting a response. He wants to come in and be part of our lives. Have we opened the door or are we still waiting?