To obtain a special grace


Admirable Anthony, so glorious for your miracles and for the favor that Jesus showed on you by coming in the guise of the Divine Child to rest in your arms, obtain from His goodness the grace I long for within my heart. You, so compassionate toward poor sinners, pay no attention to my defects, but to the glory of God which will once again be exalted by you and to my eternal salvation, not separated from the request I am now earnestly making.
(Say the grace that lies in your heart)
Let my love and charity towards the poor be a token of my gratitude. May I be given the grace to enter heaven with them through your intercession by the grace of Jesus the Redeemer.


Glorious Wonder Worker, father of the poor, you who miraculously discovered the heart of a miser inside a gold coffer, the great gift of your heart always turned to the poor and downtrodden; you who offered to the Lord my pleas which, through your intercession, have always been answered, please accept as a token of my gratitude the offer which I place at your feet.
Help those who are suffering like me; hasten to aid those who need support in their earthly and especially their spiritual needs, now and at the hour of our death.

O Blessed Tongue