The Message-Petition to St. Anthony

Many devotees write to Saint Anthony. Many devotees want to leave a note, a prayer, a plea, a message, addressed to Saint Anthony. Through these messages they demonstrate their trust in the Saint, a trust that knows no boundaries of language or nation.

Inside the Basilica, the faithful will find a special form to be filled in so that they may entrust to Saint Anthony what they most need. Once written, it is left on the Tomb of St. Anthony. One can even bring a prayer card on behalf of those who cannot come to the Basilica, especially if ill or alone. The prayers to saint Anthony can ever be sent by mail or through a dedicated web page.

Even if you can't visit the Basilica, it is possible to write a message or a prayer to Saint Anthony through this special webform.
Your intentions will be entrusted to the community of the friars at Saint Anthony's Basilica. The friars will place your intentions on the tomb of Saint Anthony and pray for you and with you. They will ask God to grant you the assistance you need through the intercession of Saint Anthony.