Published on 10 April 2020

Fr. Mario Conte's wishes for a blessed Easter

Watch Fr. Mario Conte's meditation for Easter

Fr. Mario Conte, editor of the «Messenger of Saint Anthony» magazine, sends his and his fellow friars' warmest wishes for a blessed Easter to all of St. Anthony's devotees around the world from a very special location: the Tomb of St. Anthony.

" Let us celebrate this Holy Easter by keeping in our hearts the extraordinary witness of all those doctors, medics, paramedics and police officers who are fighting against the Coronavirus.
The gift of oneself, of a sacrifice made out of love, are deeds that “save” and give hope to this world of ours. This is precisely what Jesus did during his Easter: he donated his own life so that ours could become “new lives”! May the Lord help us in overcoming together life’s difficult moments! A blessed Easter to you and your loved ones."

If you want to write a prayer to Saint Anthony for your loved ones or for someone who may be in need of mercy in order to start over again, please visit this page.

The friars of the Basilica will place your prayers on the Saint’s Tomb, and will pray for you and your loved ones by invoking God’s mercy upon you and them.