Fifth video-meditation: “The Vision of the Child Jesus. God lets himself be taken in the arms of the simple and the humble.”

13 - Tuesdays Novena, April 12 2022 by fr. Luciano Bertazzo

Let us listen

“Now there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon . This man was righteous and devout, awaiting the consolation of Israel, (...) He came to the Temple, and when the parents brought in the child Jesus (...), he took him into his arms and blessed God, saying: “Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace according to your word, for my eyes have seen your salvation .”

(Lc 2, 25-28)


Let us meditate

“... on that day, when the strongest one will arrive, which is called humility, and which will enter the human heart to defeat the spirit of pride and eliminate the blindness of the mind (...) Then humility and simplicity will appear in the eyes, truth and kindness will resound in the mouth, detraction and adulation will be removed from the ears, purity and piety will be in the hands, experience and seriousness in the feet.” (Sermons of Saint Anthony)

Let us pray

Christ Jesus, you conquered the pride of the evil one by the humility of your incarnation: please also grant us the power to shatter the chains of pride and arrogance through the humility of our heart so that we may be worthy of the gift of your glory . With your help who are blessed from age to age . Amen . (Saint Anthony)

Let us reflect

  • In humility, God gives himself as a child in need of everything. What does his littleness arouse in me and what attitudes does he invite me to cultivate?
  • In front of the little ones, of the poor of today, the presence of God is hidden. How do I welcome them in charity and how am I close to them?
  • The Almighty is helpless, the Infinite becomes small. What is the image of God that I cultivate in myself and how much do I allow myself to be approached by him in my life?

Prayer to St. Anthony

Dear Saint Anthony, your life was an embrace that you received from God. You reciprocated with a life dedicated to and inspired by the announcement of his Love for everyone. We pray that, by being converted, we can make the gift of all our strength to the Lord and serve him with strong faith and humble simplicity.