Published on 09 April 2020

Celebrate Easter with the friars of the Basilica of Saint Anthony!

Along our Lenten path we have collected many tears. With Pope Francis we have felt part of a tired and frightened humanity, battered by a stormy sea.

Jesus, in His passion and death, has been a sign of the many tragedies of this period. Jesus, with His resurrection, is the sign of our desire for rebirth.

In the certainty that the Living One is accompanying us along our weak and fragile lives.

In the witness of those many people who in these times have shown us how to donate life for the common good: doctors, nurses, the police, volunteers….

With the memory etched in our hearts of so many elderly people who have passed away.

We wish to start again TOGETHER.

Through Our Lord’s help, through the intercession of our Saint, our strength, our friend, our travelling companion along the great voyage of Life.

From the Saint’s Basilica, from the Messenger of Saint Anthony, from all of us friars and collaborators, we reserve a special prayer for each one of you, with our warmest wishes for a Happy Easter!