Published on 03 April 2023

St. Anthony’s Charities donated over 3 million 800 thousand euros in 2022 for 106 projects in over 40 countries

The main beneficiaries are young people and communities. 20 % of donations went to war refugees – the ones in Ukraine and along the Balkan route

106 projects on 4 continents for a total of 3 million and 812,550 euros distributed in over 40 countries. These are the macro data of the 2022 Report of St. Anthony’s Charities, the operational arm of the solidarity of the friars of the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua.

Last year the winds of war also blew on the distribution of resources. About 20% of the donations were used to support those fleeing the horror of armed conflicts or political tensions, especially in Ukraine, where the war does not seem to stop, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina to help refugees and migrants travelling along the so-called “Balkan route” (72% of them come from Afghanistan and even from Myanmar).

This is the activity of Caritas Sant'Antonio 2022 by continent: in Africa 61 projects were carried out in 22 states for a total of 1,648,440 euros; in Europe 14 projects in 5 states for €1,330,510; in Latin America 18 projects in 10 states for €419,800; and in Asia 13 projects in 6 states for €413,800.

"The war in Ukraine, climate emergencies and expensive energy are putting a strain on the most disadvantaged countries, but they are also impoverishing at an unprecedented rate the weakest sections of Europe and our country, especially putting children in difficulty” says Father Valerio Folli, director of Caritas Sant'Antonio Onlus.  “Aspects that we will have to keep in mind in 2023 and in the years to come, to cultivate the sense of sharing and community that feeds the great Anthonian family.”

The realization of the projects was possible with the concrete help of the many devotees of St. Anthony around the world and the subscribers of the various editions of the Messenger of Saint Anthony. To them goes the gratitude of all those who work in their various capacities in Caritas Sant'Antonio Onlus.


Read page 16 of the April issue of the Messenger of Saint Anthony.

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