Shop and Herbalist’s Shop

The Souvenirs Shop along the Magnolia Cloister attached to the Basilica also contains a large bookshop where you can purchase:

  • Guides of the Basilica in the following languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Romanian
  • Books on the life of and devotion to Saint Anthony
  • Books on Franciscan life and the Rule of Saint Francis
  • Religious books

In the shop you will also find many devotional items such as: sacred images, rosaries, crucifixes, bracelets, cribs…

From the Shop access is gained to the Office of the Messenger of Saint Anthony and to the Herbalist’s Shop, where a wide range of carefully selected natural and beehive products are available, out of the ancient tradition of the friars and monks.

Where it is:

Alongside the Magnolia Cloister attached to the Basilica

Opening Hours:

1 January to 28 March: 8.00­am - 6.20pm

29 March to 24 October: 8.00am- 7.00pm

25 October to 31 December: 8.00am - 6.20pm



Tel. (39) 049 658285

 Fax ( 39) 049 658284



Tel. (39) 049 8603342