Published on 14 April 2022

To become builders of peace is the wish of the friars of the Basilica for the 2022 Easter

The video message of Father Giancarlo Zamengo, director of the Messenger of Saint Anthony

The almond tree is the first plant to flower after winter, when nature is still fast asleep and spring has yet to produce her first delicate buds. Our Lenten path was accompanied by images of destruction, violence and war. Fortunately, there have also been many signs of life and hope which, like the first flowers of the almond tree, will allow us to celebrate Easter with hope: children born after the flight from Ukraine, the thousands of refugees welcomed into our homes, the courage of those who gave up their lives to protect their loved ones and freedoms.

It is with these images in the heart that Father Giancarlo Zamengo, director general of the Messenger of Saint Anthony, on behalf of the friars of the Basilica and of all the collaborators of the great family of Saint Anthony, wishes a Holy Easter to all of St. Anthony’s devotees.

“Peace is the gift that the Risen Lord has come to bring us in our otherwise sad lives. Hardships must become a means for strengthening hope in us and to give us the strength to believe that the force of love will always prevail over selfishness and evil, by asking St. Anthony to make us into builders of peace.”

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A blessed Easter!