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Miracle of the Usurer

The 13th century marked a turning point in the economic history of Europe. Previous to this time, people generally depended upon subsistence farming to meet their needs.

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Ezzelino da Romano

Anthony always defended those who were powerless and incapable of defending themselves. He proclaimed the dignity of every person.

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Miracle of the Fish

Once Anthony had travelled to the city of Rimini because it was a hotbed of heresy. The city leaders had ordered everyone to ignore him, so no one turned up for his homilies.

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Miracle of the Mule

One of the reasons why Anthony worked so hard to convert heretics was because he genuinely felt sorry for them.

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The Baby Jesus

By 1231, the many journeys he had made and the many illnesses he had suffered had taken their toll. Anthony was suffering from dropsy, and his strength had all but failed him.

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