Spiritual path

You have reached the House of God, who awaits you here to take care of you. You are in the place made holy by the presence of Saint Anthony. You are about to enter a Holy Place which is particularly meaningful for the faith. We invite you to undertake a brief pilgrimage so as to encounter the Father’s mercy, to experience Saint Anthony’s powerful intercession, and to depart filled with joy and peace. Follow the path indicated and, at the end of it, go to the Pilgrim Reception Office (Ufficio Accoglienza), located next to the gift shop at the Magnolia Cloister, to receive a memento of your pilgrimage.

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Holy Water

The action of crossing ourselves with a few drops of blessed water recalls our rebirth at Baptism, the regeneration to the new life of a son of God and of purification from sin...

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Our Lady of the Pillar

The first marvel: the gaze of Our Lady and that of her Divine Child welcome the pilgrim in a loving way.

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The Chapel of Saint Anthony

Approach the spiritual heart of this Shrine in silence. This is the place where pilgrims place their hands on the green marble slab covering our Saint’s Tomb.

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The Chapel of the Relics (Treasury Chapel)

Saint Anthony has witnessed to Christ by living the Gospel in a truly exemplary way. The Saint’s relics are tangible signs of the relationship that each one of us tries to establish with him.

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The Chapel of Blessings

A blessing expresses the fundamental motive force of Christian prayer: it is a meeting between man and God; in prayer God’s Gift and man’s willingness to receive it attract one another and unite...

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Hall of Confessions

In the Hall of Confessions, which is reached from the Magnolia Cloister, you may celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation using the confession aid that you will find there.

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The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament

The Eucharist is the culmination of the action of God toward man and the culmination of the encounter of man with God.

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Certificate of Pilgrimage

At the end of your visit, you will receive your Certificate of Pilgrimage with your name and image of the Embrace of the Merciful Father.

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