Published on 01 April 2021

Easter Season with Saint Anthony

Video story by Father Mario Conte, editorial director of «Messenger of Saint Anthony»

How important is sunlight in our life and in the life of our planet with all its creatures?

As we know plants produce all the substances necessary for them to grow, to flower and bear fruit thanks to sunlight. The light of the sun, however, is not only essential for plants, it is also essential for every living being and for the water cycle – from evaporation to rain. Light also dispels darkness, it allows us to see: it is energy, warmth and life.

It is certainly no mere coincidence that light is mentioned at the beginning of the Bible, «And God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light». We know, however, that as history progressed, the world became more and more corrupt, and darkness began to take over again. Nevertheless, God loves us so much that «The Word (that is God) became flesh and came to dwell among us». Unfortunately «the world did not recognize Him. He came unto his own people, but even his own people did not accept him». And so, Jesus was betrayed, denied and finally crucified as one of the worst criminals.

God, however, did not give up and, on the first Easter Sunday said once again, «Let there be light!» and there was light: Jesus rose from the grave. And the splendor of that eternal light has shone through the centuries right down to our own times, and it is still shining today just as brightly as it did on that first Easter Sunday almost 2,000 years ago.

How much of that light is present in our hearts? And how much of that light are we able to shine out to others?